Our Mission

  • To graduate chemists (BS, MS, and PhD) for R&D and quality control positions that are capable of keeping themselves up with technological developments, using their knowledge of science for industrial production and being innovative for their institution.
  • To carry out international R&D studies in order to promote the living quality and the prosperity of the community.
  • To offer an education, research and counseling services based on the science and the technology.

Our Vision

  • To promote the quality of education level to international standards.
  • To develop new technologies and products in cooperation with government research institutes, universities, industry, and international partners on the basis of projects
  • To become an internationally competent department with staff who are talented for their scientific and technological research skills while pioneering the national chemical industry.
  • To establish reference laboratories both in national and international level.
  • To be a high quality department in the sense of the public, of which graduates are able to find and offer a good job opportunity.