Barış Kışkan

1,3-benzoxazine chemistry, nanoparticles, pyrrole, thiophene and phenylene based conducting polymers, microporous polymers.
Other publications 

Advanced Thermosets from Sulfur and Renewable Benzoxazine and Ionones via Inverse Vulcanization
Ozan Bayram, Baris Kiskan, Emrah Demir, Rezan Demir-Cakan, Yusuf Yagci
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering20208, 9145-9155.
Advanced Polymers from Simple Benzoxazines and Phenols by Ring-Opening Addition Reactions
Zeynep Deliballi, Baris Kiskan, Yusuf Yagci
Macromolecules202053, 2354-2361.
The Journey of Phenolics from the First Spark to Advanced Materials
Baris Kiskan, Yusuf Yagci
Israel Journal of Chemistry202060, 20-32.
An oxygen-tolerant visible light induced free radical polymerization using mesoporous graphitic carbon nitride
Kerem Kaya, Baris Kiskan, Baris Kumru, Bernhard V.K.J. Schmidt, Yusuf Yagci
European Polymer Journal2020122, 109410.
Cyanuric chloride as a potent catalyst for the reduction of curing temperature of benzoxazines
Buket Akkus, Baris Kiskan, Yusuf Yagci
Polymer Chemistry2020.